Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Hands-On Workshop on 21st Century Innovation at Prospect Sierra

Join us for an evening of food and excitement to collaborate with your closest friends in using 21st century tools and techniques to design "the next big thing!" (And I will supply premium pizza to fuel your creativity!)

  • about some of the unique aspects of 21st century design challenges.
  • how challenging and enjoyable the creative innovation process can be, and how these techniques and practices can be applied to otherwise dull and rote curriculum materials.
  • How an innovative educational challenge can mirror real-life challenges in the 21st century work-place.

  • using valuable technical tools that can leverage your (and your students') talents in managing 21st century challenges.
  • collaborating to leverage the diverse skills of your team members.
  • reporting and presenting your great inventions to the "industry"

The evening workshop will run from 6pm to 9pm on an evening in December to be determined

The event will be held in the Prospect Sierra Avis Campus Tech Lab

Note that this is NOT just an event for the nerdy science types. Many diverse skills and talents are necessary, and even critical, to collaborative 21st century success. Any and all staff or faculty members in the school community are invited. If space and resources allow, we MAY open the event to either SOs of school staff or even outside participants from other schools in the East Bay. Please leave your name, email, and the number of attendees in a comment below if you would like to participate.